Teens & Bedtimes

Does your young teenage daughter have a bedtime?  Should young teenage girls have bedtimes still?
First let me explain “young teenage daughter”.  By young, I am referring to the ages 13-15.

I had taken notice that my young teenage daughter was staying up late (1-2 in the morning) chatting via text message and Facebook chat.  She is a good teenager with excellent grades, and my husband and I like her friends.  We just feel that she is staying up way too late.

After some discussion, we decided to set a bedtime for her; midnight.

She demanded an explanation as to why the rule was put in place.  She also did not agree with being given a bedtime, stating she was “14 & not 4.”

I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic & whether or not you agree with our decision.


3 thoughts on “Teens & Bedtimes

  1. Hi..

    I have put in bedtimes during the school week.. I have two teenage girls a 13 y/o & a 15 y/o days away from her 16th.. Purely for the reason of gettin up early for school.. I state unless they can handle 6-7 hours of sleep & be up and ready by the time they have to leave then by all means stay up till the crack of dawn.. But they know that they need more than 10 hours.. Which I personally envy.. I say its for their own sake.. Coz if I have to crack the whip.. They best be praying for a timid ear lashing.. I do not hold back on being loud..

    Just my rambles..
    Hope this helps..


  2. My teenage daughter goes to bed between 10 and 10:30 on school nights. We have found if we don’t set a bedtime, she is hard to live with! She seems to have no idea it’s because she is tired. We have a different, happier kid when she is well-rested. On weekends, however she stays up as late as she’d like because she can sleep in. But she usually falls asleep my midnight.


  3. I am with you on this one- children need their forty winks as much as any one else. At this age they may act like they are adults but their bodies are still growing and they need all the rest they can get.


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