Road Trips

After spending six hours in the car today, I am exhausted, stiff, and have a slight headache.  However the kids did not fight this time!  Major WIN! 

My lovely teenager listened to her music the entire ride.  The five year old brought lots of books to read.  I didn’t think that would keep her occupied and thought that there would eventually be a major fit.  I was wrong, and for once I LOVE that I was!

We ran into the usual things one runs into for long car rides.  The usual 8 miles of one line on the highway in the construction zone (It’s been like that since the winter & will be that way for quite some time), and the state troopers hiding the SUV’s in the bushes to catch speeders.  Yeah Mr. State Trooper, we saw you!

It was a nice sunny day, and a nice drive.  The kids were great & we made it home safe.


Do you have any road trip stories?  I would love to hear/see them.


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