Favorite Saying

You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.


I love that saying!  I say it at least once a day to my girls.  Most of the time I don’t even have to finish it.  All I have to say is “You get what you get…” and the girls interrupt me with “…and you don’t get upset.”

I first heard that saying back when my preteen was in preschool.  From the moment I hear it, that saying has been my absolute favorite.

My 5 year old is such a picky eater.  She asks me, “What’s for dinner, mom.”  I reply with, “You get what you get…” She finishes the saying and walks away.

There are times that I would love to say that line to adults as well.  It probably wouldn’t go over to big.

I would love for you to share your favorite sayings with me!  You can leave them in the comments below, or on Twitter .


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