My Favorite Apps

I have the Samsung Galaxy S5 !  I love it.  Samsung phones are my favorite.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite android apps that I have in my phone.

1. aWoman – I can never keep track in my head when my last menstrual cycle was.  Every time women go to a doctor, the first question they ask us is when was the last time you had your period. Love this app.

2. Camera – Who doesn’t love taking pictures of their kids, family, pets, and selfies.

3. Life360 – I really love this app.  I have my husband, teen, preteen & myself on this app.  It tells me where my kids are, and they can use it to check in.  You can set locations for it to automatically check in for them.  It also has a panic button so that if they are in trouble they can click on the panic button and the app will alert my husband or my phone letting us know our girls are in trouble.

4. Key Ring – Keeps all of my store savings/club cards in one place.  No more messy car key ring.

5. Flashlight – This app has come in handy many times.  I always have a flashlight on me with this handy app.

What are some great apps on your phone or tablet?


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