Kids, Cars & Pools

Another touchy subject.  I have to wonder…

17 Month Old Found in Pool  

I saw this on my local news this evening.  The parents of this poor baby are able to walk around, go to the store, go to work, and continue living as best they can without their little one.  

18 Month old Left in Car

Parents get arrested and charged for accidentally leaving little kids in cars.  However, parents who neglect to watch their young children are not held accountable if they drown in a pool..

Growing up in the ’80’s, I remember being left in the car, because I didn’t want to go into the store.  I know it is much different, because I had a window open, and the kids that are being *forgotten* are left in closed vehicles.  Even with the windows open, parents are getting in serious trouble.  

Where were the parents of the 17 month old?  Why were they not watching the toddler play outside?  Why are authorities punishing one and not the other?  Both situations are horrific deaths for these little ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel deeply sorry for these poor little ones who suffer these horrific deaths.  I still have to question.. why do these parents not get in trouble when their kids are found deceased in the pool, but parents who forget their child in the car get charged by the authorities?


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