Neighborhood Dogs & Kids

Most neighborhoods have pets.  Cat, dogs, hamsters, and so on.  Most also have kids.
My neighborhood is no different.  There are 9 dogs just around my house, including my 2 dogs.  My dogs love playing with the neighbor’s dog.  They are all good dogs.  My 5 year old loves playing too.
I wouldn’t help, but start to think the “what if”.   What if one of the dogs got carried away, jumped up on her, and accidentally scratched her while trying to play with the other pups?  Or accidentally nipped her with the playful nipping that pups do when they play.   I would take that and turn it into a teaching moment.
Now, on the other hand, there is always the possibility of a dog attack.  Which is something completely different than being playful.  What would one do in this situation?  What if the dog was a great dog and this was just some out of the blue instance?  What if the family who owns and loves the dog  had fallen on hard times in resent months/years and the dog is family to them?  That losing the dog would be devastating.
This is a touchy topic.  I would be devastated if my pups bit or scratched an innocent person.  My family and I would be even more devastated if we were forced to lose our pups.



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