Trying Out For The Team

You hear so much about kids soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, football, and volleyball teams.  Sports are great for kids.  Sports are jot only fun, good learning experiences, but great forms of exercise as well.
How do coaches choose who makes the team and who doesn’t?  What reasons do they have for choosing one child over another.
A lot of the time it is who you know, unfortunately.  Some coaches choose kids they know over someone who is more skilled.  The sad thing is, the kids know this and see this.  Coaches should not be allowed to have friends, acquaintances, neighbors’ kids on their teams.  I know and understand that some of you may be coaches or know a coach personally, but the sports are about the kids, not the coaches.
My teen is a freshman in high school this year.  She tried out for the volleyball team.  She had just started taking an interest in the sport over the summer.  We purchased the volleyball net set and she practiced every day.  She went to the two scheduled practices.  The coaches that we hosting the practices told my teen she was too petite.  She stands 5’2″ and weighs 105 lbs.  She is average height and her weight goes with her height.  There were two other girls there that are her height.  One of the girls was a little heavier, and the other girl was obese and physically unable to do appointed task, (run seven laps around the gym with the other potential players).  The other girls were 5’5″ or taller and experienced players.
The third day was the actual tryouts.  My daughter gave it her all.  When they posted the team list, her name was not on it.  She was okay with that.  But, we do not understand how the inexperienced girl who could not keep up with all the other girls made the team.
It is what it is.  I know my teen was not as experienced as the other five girls that were chosen.   I just would like to see coaches stop the favoritism.



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