Ramblings of a Worn Out Mom

What am I thinking?  I am thinking that I have no idea what to write about this week.  I have been sitting here, in m living room, lap top open for an hour now, and I am at a loss.

I could go on and on about the kids going back to school.  I don’t really want to write about the hottest backpack, clothes, uniforms, shoes, and must haves for this school year.  Those topics have been written about so much lately.

I could write about how my kids cannot follow simple instruction.  Preteen come help me does not mean teen come help me and tell your sister you are closer so you should have been called.  Then again, I draw a blank.

I could write about what a long, stressful, busy week it has been.  I am back to working a full time job, coming home making dinner, and doing the whole family thing.  I work in healthcare.  I love my job.  I has just been a really busy week.  I work on the busiest unit in the facility.  We are lucky to sit down for a break.  Running around a facility, caring for residents 7.5 hours a day, after having most of the summer off, man, my body is sore.

Now, I’m thinking that it is past my bedtime.  


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