First Day of Kindergarten

I was suppose to be getting two, beautiful little girls ready for their first day of kindergarten today.  I only had to get one ready for kindergarten, because the other had to leave us to be an angel.

My five year old woke up very excited this morning.  Not only was it her first day of kindergarten, but the tooth fairy came last night, because she lost her third tooth.  She ate her breakfast and drank her milk.  We went up to her room to pick out her clothes, purple pants and a pink shirt.  What would her sister have chosen to wear?  I would like to think she would have picked pink pants and a purple shirt.   

We did our hair and brushed our teeth.  It was time to get lunch packed and snack too.  Amberly had a cheese sandwich, she’s a picky eater, pudding cup, and a juice box.  What would Arianna have wanted for lunch?

We went outside to take the first day of school pictures.  Amberly did all of her crazy poses.  I wonder what Arianna’s crazy poses would be?  We waited for the bus to come.  I was sad to see that Amberly was the only kindergartner at the bus stop.  I would have been nice to see her and Arianna playing while waiting for the bus.

We met the teacher and just before we all left I noticed there was a set of identical twin girls in her class.  Then we saw another set of identical twin girls in the hallway.  I was trying so hard to hold back my tears.  It was not fair.  I should have gotten to see my identical twin girls start kindergarten today.  I feel cheated, and hurt.  I try my best to be happy for Amberly and try to make a big deal of her triumphs.  It’s just really hard sometimes, because she should be sharing them with Arianna.  I am sad for all three of us.

It’s going to be a rough school year.

Photo: First day of kindergarten @sara_slomski  @markslomski  @kallistaslomski


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