How Wal*mart Ruined Christmas

We were doing our Christmas shopping & purchasing the big gifts for the girls.  We had order a fancy art kit for the teenager.  We purchased a battery operated volkswagon for the 6 year old.  We just had one more big gift buy for our preteen.
Here is where the problem begins.  My husband goes online to order the Nexus Tablet on December 19th. declined his card (which had more than enough money on it).  My mom offered to let us use her card.  Her card worked.  My husband left for work & got an email on his way to work saying the order was canceled.  I gave her the money when I got home from work.  My husband called me before dinner to tell me walmart canceled the order saying it was canceled for security reasons.  Wal*mart told him that the money would be returned to the card within 48 hours which would put it back on my moms card by December 23 because of the weekend.
Well….Wal*mart lies!  They did not return the money in time for Christmas.  So we were out over $100.
We were able to still purchase the tablet but not other things we need to purchase.
Needless to say, we will jot be purchasing anything from Wal*mart or Wal*  It is safe to say that I am boycotting Wal*mart.


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