My daughter had a book published over the holidays. The Phoenix by Kristine Price .  I am so proud of her.


Dress Shopping

I never thought I would be at this point with my daughter this soon.  I thought I would not be at this point until she was about to go to her junior prom, not her freshman homecoming dance.

She told me this week that she wants to go dress shopping with her friends, not me this time.  I was a little taken back by that.  Okay a lot taken back.  They have no school this Friday, and her friends mother is going to be taking them.  I can’t go because I have to work that day.  To be honest, I’m a little hurt by this.  She’s not to girly and is always doing “guy” things with my husband (working on the car, riding mountain bikes).  The only thing I feel I get with her is dress shopping for dances.

I know i have two more girls that are following her.  I guess dress shopping for me will have to wait.

Day 5


Today was really busy.  I had to help the hubby pull car parts today, and mow the lawn.  It was pointless to fix the hair and makeup when I was going to get dirty and sweaty.  By the time all was said and done it was time for dinner.  I finally got around fixing my hair.  That was at around 8:00 tonight.  I said forget the makeup, its too late for that.  All in all I felt nice and had a good day.
Lets see what craziness tomorrow brings.